Slot machine test: Bejeweled

Diamonds are popular not only in the world of women's biggest. And you know of course, where are diamonds in the Casino, since high values can not be far. This is true also on the slots Bejeweled, which will bring you into the world of diamonds and sparkling stones. The piece of jewelry was created by the software developers of Cryptlogic and can be in the slots casino be played. It is not necessarily a classic slot machine, which drains out through rollers. Rather, there is here a field with five rows and columns, in which each fall the diamonds. After winning the corresponding stones of a number dissolve, so that you can collect profits more often in a round. Bejeweled may not have bonus features, but a jackpot, which is of course the highest profit in the round.

Bejeweled is a nice change of pace to other online slots, but also, because there are really regular profits. You can try out in the CasinoEuro. Simply login, deposit money and let the diamonds for themselves speak. If you have seen off it only on a bit of fun or just first want to dare a demo game, then you can also play Bejeweled for free. Also simply go into the Casino.

Play Bejeweled online now!

Play Bejeweled online

Slot Bejeweled can simply play, what constitutes the great appeal this. Just in each round that bring stones to fall and to see how to made a winning line after another. This is the great advantage of the vending machine, yet reminiscent of his broad rollers. Total a field with 25 stones in five rows and columns. Turning not there basically, since the stones from above fall down. Three same stones lie side by side vertically or horizontally, a winning line is made so that then disappears. New stones falling from above so that you have multiple opportunities in only one round.

10 paylines there are total, whose number you can also change. If a line is disabled, then no profit can arise in the appropriate row or column of course. The advantage would be that you can increase your bet in return so that the winning lines drop more but with less lines. How much is the profit, also depends on the type of diamond. They have different values.

Slot game symbols in the Bejeweled online slot

Because diamonds are all symbols in Bejeweled, the great distinctness of course fails. You may not expect particularly beautiful images. But as the diamonds sparkle so chic, it is a beautiful sight of course yet, especially as the values of the stones are. The purple triangles, which are at the same level as the green diamonds make a start. Then come the colors Orange, yellow, red, white and blue. In addition, there is a colorful diamonds, which can be used as a wild card. Only is the Joker, if you play with the maximum number of lines.

Slot machines instructions of Bejeweled

It is

Nice on the Bejeweled slot game that it is a simple machine. Here the games fun, because just not constantly popping up any bonus features. So just in the slot machine Casino and with an insert into the machine. There you can change in each round the number of lines, but also your usage. In this way, you change your chances and the amount of your possible Bejeweled gains.

Conclusion to the Bejeweled test

Overall, Bejeweled is a nice change of pace that is simply fun and in between a lot there. But in the long term the slot can convince what is because that you can overlook here very carefully, what are your chances of winning. Profits occur very regularly, with a little luck, the heights vote accordingly.